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I need money or an abandoned bank

• my pee smells like spaghetti this morning

• Andrew Linde is in town. His girlfriend lives just 3 blocks away from my girlfriend. In Koreatown. In a week, she (Kara Neko) is moving to Brooklyn to start a new life, one that involves him. Last night we attended a going-away party for her which took place at The Brass Monkey. Linde & I did a mean rendition of "Self Esteem" by The Offspring. I put out to "all boys going through puberty".

• Doctor Zhivago is on Netflix Instant. I've been meaning to watch this ever since I first saw Don't Look Now - Julie Christie fucking kills it.

• Went with my koala and her mother to help her pick out her first flat screen TV today. We went with a 46" Sony Bravia LCD for $700, seems to be quite the excellent choice! Picking up the FREE XBOX 360 that my insane and amazing friend Daniela is going to give to me on Thursday night. Totally stoked!

• Tried a Fleshlight for the first time!!!
Tags: doctor zhivago, flat screen, flesh light, karaoke, linde, offspring, pee, spaghetti, xbox 360
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