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So, back in about 2003 when I first started touring with my band Nehemiah, I used to hear about characters like Brandan Schiepetti (vocalist of Bleeding Through) and Jordan Peterson (Too Pure To Die) having banged well over 100 girls. Brandan was rumored to be at around 250 or so, and that was way back in 03. It always blew my fucking mind, and to be honest, I was quite envious of them and their magnetic pussy powers towards women.

I've been keeping track of the girls I've slept with, and or messed around with, since high school. There is also a point system but instead of points I call them BROINTS, because it's such a BRO thing to do, obviously. Tonight I decided to update the list and after crunching a few numbers, I realized that I have had sex with 99 girls.

That's basically all I wanted to say. "I am ALMOST there, man". The next girl I slay will be number 100. I can't believe it, dude. I really hope she's a special one. A really special one. There IS someone I can think of I'd like for it to be if I got to choose...

I really wish I could have a 100 GIRLS PARTY and invite all of them as that hottie Kristen Blue suggested, but unfortunately I know how people are, and we all know that if I sent out the invites for that, majority of them would hate me for it, and only about 2 or 3 would show up. I would still get hammered and dance to my own playlist till the sun came up... it would be the shit.
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